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When are maintenance fees due?
Maintenance fees are billed to your account annually each December, and while we appreciate annual payments, maintenance fee payments are due on the 1st of each quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1). Late fees are assessed $25 per contract.
How can I pay my maintenance fees?
You can pay your maintenance fees by mailing a check, ACH (electronic funds transfer) or credit card. If paying via check or ACH your maintenance fees are discounted 3%.
What are these maintenance fees for?
Maintenance fees are used for the maintenance, general upkeep and repair of the unit as well as replacement of worn items such as furniture. Additionally, your maintenance fees pay for the cost of operating the front desk, recreational facilities, resort facilities, accounting and owner services.
Where do I mail my check?
Meadow Lake Development Corp.
PO Box 78080
Phoenix, AZ  85062
Note: If mailing a check you must include the remittance stub from your statement along with your check in US funds. 
How can I authorize payment using my credit card?
Your online account with Concord will let you set up a one time or quarterly payment option by using your credit card. To register and access your online account, go to https://meadowlake.myaccountinfo.com. Once you’ve registered your account you can enter your credit card information and either make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments for each quarter. There are no additional credit card processing fees for this payment option.
I’m on AutoPay.  Why am I getting a statement?
Maintenance fee statements are mailed to all owners unless the owner opts out of receiving the statement and elects to receive e-statement notifications. Click on “E-Statement History” and then check the box to “Send e-statement notifications” if you wish to stop receiving paper statements in the mail. If you elect to receive e-statements, please log in and review your statements and notices at least quarterly.
I’m at the resort this week, what time can I come meet with you about the fees?
Office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday; no appointment necessary in owner services.
I lost my statement, or never got one; how can I get a new one?
Once posted to your online account each quarter, statements can be accessed anytime at your convenience.
Can I send postdated checks to cover the entire year?
No. Unfortunately, Concord is unable to receive postdated checks. Postdated checks received will be returned to the originator.
How do I know if I am on AutoPay?
You can view the status of your account at any time online at https://meadowlake.myaccountinfo.com.
I want to set up AutoPay; however, I want it to be run at a different time.  Is that possible?
You may set up automatic payments either from your bank account or credit card to run on the date of your choosing between the 1st – 20th day of each quarter. 
I’ve been making payments through my bank for years, but it still shows a balance in my account.  Why is that?
Maintenance fees change every year and the amount paid must be updated at your banking institution. We highly recommend that all owners with US bank accounts cancel using their banking institution’s BillPay and instead set up the automatic payments through Concord’s autopay system to ensure timely and accurate processing of the correct quarterly amount due.




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